19 hr night

Well it’s been 16 so far. The flight from Christchurch to Sydney was a breeze. I had plenty to do, and plenty of energy. Before we landed I saw a the lights of Sydney from a distance, and lights of various large boats in the water below. As I saw the city lights, I realised I was seeing a foreign shore for the first time. Wow.
Landing, then taxiing to the gate, the window gives me view into a new world of very large aeroplanes. Surreal is only word I have, maybe magical would describe it better. Like I have been transported into a movie set better than any movie I’ve seen.
… and waiting.
Inside, all onwards passengers had to go through another security clearance (like we’d been through prior to leaving New Zealand) before being allowed out into what looks to me like a fairly large mall.
There was this crazy two-story McDonald’s that orders came down from up high in their bags, attached to some kind of metal conveyor. So this is how Aussies do?
I tried to fill my water bottle at a drinking fountain, which seemed to be designed not to allow water bottles to be filled from it. I got about a cup, but then tasting it, I tipped it all out and went in search of a refill. I was determined not to pay for water, remembering what a friend had prompted me about not necessarily accepting boundaries, I went up to a cafe that had water bottles for sale and asked the young guy behind the counter if he could fill my water bottle. “yeah there’s a water station around the back” he said. I even had the choice of sparkling or still. Still will do me. Yusssssss pure water and not having to pay. A win
More waiting. About 20 minutes at least from boarding call to my setting foot back on the plane. And sitting down in the same seat I’d gotten out of about an hour and a half earlier. The flight to Sydney, there was a spare seat between me and the next person. This time no such luck. Conversation? “I’m from Germany, and I don’t speak English well.” said the older man. All right this is going to be a long flight. 14 hours long. Something I have no concept of.
Last flight it was neat doing a bit of Portuguese brushing up and feeling pretty energetic. I pretty quickly realised I was fighting a losing battle trying to do any more.
So fits of sleep it was for the next 8-10 hours. I woke after what felt like a a good sleep, but which I knew couldn’t be a full night’s worth. Should I check the time? only an hour and a half. Barely halfway across Australia. Dubai is still a world away. Another doze. Still in Aus, about to head over the west coast to skirt Indonesia on our way forward.
I wake several times to look out my window and see clouds and a dark ocean underneath. The Indian ocean now. Different waters than I have seen before
*Some time later * I look out to see lights scattered in a way I haven’t seen before. I was intrigued, figuring I was looking at small rural villages. It takes me a few minutes, then I realise, I’m looking down on India. Wow just wow.
The night continues I catch glimpses in the reflection Of the window in front of me and between the seats of what others are choosing to numb out on. It just feels weird and impersonal.
I decided to stop pursuing sleep at around 10 am according to NZ time, but the night continues. Its about 11am according to my phone, 3am local ground time. And there is still at least 2 and a half hours til we land.
In Dubai!

Your thoughts?

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