To Africa.

Gosh, how do you contemplate your thoughts about travel when you’re in the airport, waiting to embarking on your first international journey?

There has been so much busyness, so much stress, and a few awesome God moments in the lead-up to my first missionary journey.

I’m going to a missions training school in Mozambique. A Christian mission come aid organisation that is making a huge impact in Mozambique holds training events twice a year, and I’m going to one of them. I’ll be there in about 40 hours.

My brain hasn’t really caught up with the reality that I’m leaving my country, although my heart has had a few pangs, as well as a good measure of excitement.

The leaving process has been fraught with various hold ups. I spent $128 on international calls, trying to get get my passport back from an embassy.

I’ve been living in my garage for the last few months as I’ve sought the next move in my life. It turned out to be going to Africa for a couple of months. Parking my car back in garage next to my bed was a wierd feeling.

My dad has driven me south from my home in Nelson down to Christchurch. We’ve had good talks and it’s been really neat to catch up with old friends on the drive down.

We had lunch just before and have been chilling for the last little while, which has given me time to write down some of my thoughts.

So far the malaria medicine (my first dose this morning) the seems to have little discernable effects on my stomach. Yusss! May this continue.

I’ll meet my first fellow missionary-in-training in Dubai – yes I’m going to be in Dubai! As I get closer to my destination, we will be seeing more of the people I’m going to be spending the next two months with.

Alright, nerves are giving way to excitement again. I can check in in a bit over half an hour. I’ll get my bags out of the car soon.

Thanks God for this awesome time of change. I’m excited to see what comes next.

Your thoughts?

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