Big Picture: Eve

“The mother of all living…”  Genesis 3:20

This is a chapter I can’t provide a photo for.

Eve, beautiful Eve-the most beautiful thing in the world. In all her radiance, all her carefree joy of existence. It was as if a river of love and of peaceful, satisfying, emotion flowed from her wherever she walked.  Even the animals would be drawn to the sweetness, beauty, and life that she emanated.

Naked, but not ashamed. Not only was there no one creepy or weird to worry about, there was no concept in her mind of anything like that. Everything was safe, lovely and kind.

Earlier in the narrative, we read that God made humanity in His image, creating them male and female. (Genesis 1:27) God is a community, and so mirroring Himself in humanity, He made us a community. He made us to be a family. In making us family, He wanted lots of sons and daughters-lots and lots. So He made Eve.

When God made Adam, He did more than create. He birthed Adam spiritually when He breathed into the clay. Adam, and every other male, although involved of the reproduction of new humans, does not give birth. This is where Eve displays a unique aspect of God’s nature in bringing forth new life.

Hopefully everyone reading this will have a deep sense and of and respect for your mothers, thinking of the pain she went through to bring you into the world. There is a strong parallel with Jesus’ suffering on the cross and the labour pains of childbirth. (See Isaiah 53:11, showing the Saviour’s travail and John 16:20-21, showing the disciples suffering in connection with His suffering) Because of love, suffering is endured to bring new life into the world. Following the Biblical narrative, childbirth wasn’t cursed with pain until after the fall. It was only exiting God’s order that caused birth to be associated with pain.

Eve shows us that love was the motivation for God to create. From the very first day of human existence there was love. Unhindered love between man and woman.

If only it had stayed this way….





Your thoughts?

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