Big Picture: The Choice

Adam wakes up to life. We could call him Clay, or the Man of Dust, but all he knows is that he is very alive, and looking into the eyes of Love itself.

“Adam, I AM your Creator.”

Adam grins, then smiles, then breaks out laughing at the joy of existence. “I AM… I am too, because of You, ” he says, breaking out in laughter again, then begins a joy-filled conversation with his Creator.

As he continues to talk, a change is taking place in Adam. His skin begins to glow, just like the radiant being he is talking with. And he is blissfully unaware.

“We need to find you a friend, Adam, an equal who complements you perfectly. You will have human things to do, and I won’t always be here with you. I will always visit you, but when I am away, you will need someone to keep you company. You will grow a family.”

“A family?” Adam interjects.

“Yes, a family,” God says as He looks into Adam’s eyes again.

“So, more than one, loving each other?” Adam begins to understand, “Like us.” He smiles.

“Yes, but more of us,” God responds.

Adam and God walk around God’s (well, now Adam’s) garden. Looking for this friend. Every creature Adam sees, he names.

“You’re good at naming things, Adam.”

“That’s because You’re good at naming things, and I’m like You,” Adam responds in childlike simplicity.

For a brief second, a flicker goes across God’s face. “This could go on forever, but Adam will never know Me fully,” He considers, “If I keep him in the dark. He will never be fully part of Us, unless I allow him to make his own choice. He will not be as Us unless he has a choice in the matter. I will never force the depth of intimacy on my creature. He is yet a child.

“Oh, how I wish it could be another way; if only there was another way! I cannot give him this knowledge Myself-I can hardly bear the thought of it-and it would be wrong for Me to give it to him. If only he would choose life! He won’t. He will do as he pleases, just as I do as I please. Without the Spirit to guide, he will go astray instantly, yet while he is a child and unaware, I cannot give Myself to him, and He will not know to choose Me.”

“My influences will still be here,” whispered the Spirit to the Son, “and I will be able to preserve some who will listen. There will be so many sons and daughters and the Father’s heart will be overjoyed with them forever. I will guide them to truth. All will not be lost. This mystery which has begun will continue, and We will overcome. The Bride will be revealed!”

“Yes. I AM willing to go though all the suffering I will experience to give Myself in love, to my Bride. It will begin with a tree, and it will finish with a tree. I’m ready.”


“Yes, God?” Adam smiles.

“Don’t eat from that tree,” God says, pointing to the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, “There is more death in that tree than I can possibly explain to you. Don’t go near it.”

Adam understood the command clearly, but wondered what ‘death’ could mean. By the look in God’s eyes, it must be something horrific, but nothing in God’s world is like that. Best I just stay away from that tree.

“What kind of tree is that, God?” Adam says, looking to an unusual tree with a slight glow.

“That is the tree that will make you live forever with Me if you eat it.”

“I am with You. What is forever?”

“A very, very long time, Adam.”

The pair walk talk about plants and animals. Adam named a few more. Towards the end of the day, their search had yielded no results.

“None of the creatures are like me. What shall we do? I want to have a family, God.”

“Let me take part of you, and I will make another you, just different so she suits you perfectly.”


“Yes, she.”

“Ok, God, go for it. Will it hurt?

“I’ll put you to sleep.”

So God formed Eve from part of Adam’s side, and presented her to Adam.

Adam saw his bride. “Woah, man! God, she’s more beautiful that You!” But in Adam’s mind was not a hint of lust. Just pure, selfless, innocent love.

They talked and walked hand in hand.

Then it was night




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