Big Picture: Breath in Clay

“And God said, Let Us make man in Our image.”

“And man became a living soul.”

The morning of the sixth day of time. Birds fly overhead, rejoicing in their new-found existence. The sun rises on God’s garden and newly created animals roam the open pastures.

As the dew begins to dry, the form of what we would describe as a glowing man can be seen on His knees, working intently. Large, loving hands dig in the red soil. Mixed with water from a nearby stream, the clay takes shape as He works diligently, carefully. He seems driven, excited, and yet somehow sober as with each handful, the masterpiece gets closer to its final shape.

It looks like Him. Except made of clay. Red soil so perfectly crafted-a most beautiful sculpture.

God pauses. He doesn’t hesitate, but He pauses, considering what He is about to do, and what will follow. For reasons that will emerge, this was the hardest decision anyone could make.

God takes a breath.

God breathes into the dirt.

And the dirt becomes a living being.

This new being is three parts unified; spirit-an eternity on the inside, completely compatible with God’s Spirit-the identity and destiny of the person, eternal in nature; body-the physical house for the spirit, given life by the spirit, and unable to live without it; soul-the entity formed by the merging of the physical and spiritual, having qualities of and being in contact with both realms. The mind, emotions and the will, the seat of the senses, the conscious experience of the spirit.

As mentioned in an earlier chapter, the goal creating humanity was so God could have a family, and enlarge the community that always was. The Son would be as they are, a soul created by His spirit merging with physical matter. The Holy Spirit would indwell them, being merged with their spirits, as He is with the Father and the Son, connecting them. He would be the bond that holds the the whole family together in God-ness.


They would have a choice in the matter




Your thoughts?

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