My friend’s girlfriend is making a video project on showing love. She asked if we would like to go out offering healing prayer on the streets to, 1 First of all, show love to people; and, 2 Get some footage of reaching out in love for her video.

Often “going out to evangelise” or “going out to heal people” has this huge pressure/performance thing going on, in which all members of the group get this weird vibe, and sharing becomes difficult or somehow strained. But I’ve been practicing letting go and letting God lately. Will this make it different?

I don’t like things being weird in my spiritual walk. I think things should be as natural and real while presenting spiritual truths as doing any “normal” thing. God’s not weird, so why should be weird in response to Him? Different is okay; weird is not okay, to me.

It’s been a while since I’ve “been out evangelising” because I needed to get rid of negative feelings that were attached to it. It’s been more about being with God, and reaching out in love anywhere when I see the need, and just being really mellow and in love. Letting faith take the place of trying with a failure mindset. I love what God has been doing with me internally (see Grace and Results for a bit more on this). It is so about God morphing me internally to be more like Jesus. Then my life can easily look more like Him, without an act.

So I thought of a simple polite way to present healing to people. Simply saying we were offering free healing prayer, and asking if there was anything they would like prayer for. Real simple, no jargon, no Christianese. After we pray, we can talk about God (if they want to). People in New Zealand can be very anti-religion, more so (from what I’ve heard) than the United States. Best to talk about Jesus after He’s done something for them.

In the car on the way to our destination-the area around our region’s only mall-we talked a bit about how grace lets us be out of the way, so we let Him have His way. I was still inwardly thinking, “I wonder how this is going to go.”

I wasn’t sure how to fit the asking to video us with people in. I’ve never ask people if a friend can video them while I pray for them. We didn’t really have any ideas, and the videoing got left out, as the situations didn’t seem to lend themselves to asking that question as well as, “Can I pray for you?”

I mentioned to my friends that I don’t often get “word of knowledge” so we’ll just do the asking people approach. Some believers just see people, and hear a word, like “back pain” or whatever, and go an ask the person, and sure enough, they have that problem. It’s really cool.

We asked a few people without any takers. Then I asked a fellow, and He said he’d just had an argument with his wife, so we prayed for God to help that situation. He was thankful.

A little while later, I spotted a group of young people. The just seemed to stand out to me. My mate said, “Let’s go talk to them.” Later, I found all three of us felt the group stand out to us. My friend led off. As he was explaining what we are offering, I heard in my mind, “back pain.” So I asked if anyone had back pain. One of the young ladies said she suffered from back pain all the time. She allow me to lay my hand on her shoulder and pray. She did. I prayed a quick 10-second prayer telling everything to come into proper alignment in Jesus’ name. I asked her how she felt. She could answer, but her face showed that she was experiencing she probably had never experienced before. Thank You, Jesus. ❤

Later, stopped for a coffee in the mall, and met up with my younger sister, who had been doing some shopping and was keen to go with us. We decided to split up. My sister would come with me, and they would go together-the cute couple =D.

More cool stuff happen, including  another healing (when my friend prayed) hanging out with group of young people and boogieing to a busker’s guitar music. One of us felt led to bless him with a really decent gift, and we all complemented him on his really talented singing and playing. He was overjoyed. Yay God!

Afterwards, my friend told me they saw the girl I had prayed for again. They asked if her back was better, and she told them it was, and also that she had recently been broken up with, and it was all she could think about. They were able to reach out to her about that. When he told me, we all prayed for again, that God would show His love to her in the middle of her pain. I guess He already had, through us.

I’m a little bit blown away by everything that happened in the space of two and a half hours, and how God reached out to that young lady through us. I really see His intention and care coming through. How we all felt drawn to the group she was sitting with, me hearing the word of knowledge, the healing, then my friends seeing her later and being able to input a little bit more love into her world. Thanks so much, God!

This just makes me want to keep staying in love with God, and reaching out to people more and more. What we have is so valuable, so meaningful, and most people have no idea what it means to be loved, let alone loved unconditionally by God.

Toward the end of our mini outreach, the four of us skipped and jumped through the carpark, laughing, free. Overjoyed.



Your thoughts?

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