Big Picture: Dawn

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good”       Genesis 1:1-4, KJV

God decided to move. No longer would there be God alone, there would be existence other than God. In creating, though expressing Himself, God was making something less than Himself. God is not limited, except by His own will, but the world He made is. God doesn’t obey laws-He simply is righteous, and is Himself the definition of good. Yet the physical universe would bound by laws and limitations, and entity of different nature than God. Our universe is vast, which gives us a picture of the greatness of God, but it isn’t infinite. Our universe had a beginning. God had no beginning. In God’s foreknowledge, this present physical universe is temporary, and yet we wait for a new universe that will last forever.

So time and space were created, and something new that never was, has become. God is now in relation to something else that is not Himself. God never changes, but now there is a change in relation to the events of time. His intense goodness-His greatness-never ceases to be, yet it is veiled for the ones who will live within this reality. If (or rather when) God unveils Himself, the entire universe will be destroyed in an instant. Now because He has no limit, God is everywhere in His creation. There is no place in time or space that you could go to, and it be true there that “God isn’t” (see Psalm 139). There is nothing He doesn’t see, either in the mental or the physical realm, absolutely nothing He is not aware of. God is ever-present, and He reaches out to anyone who calls to Him from their heart. This is one reason why temples and rituals and priesthoods are such a mistake. They teach us that God only exists or is contactable in specific places, or at certain times, or through certain people. Where truly God  is available for anyone, everywhere, at any time.

The world began in chaos and darkness. God laid the foundation of the world by creating a starting point, simultaneously creating time, space, and energy (and matter, which is a concentrated form of energy). From the chaos of the starting point, God works to infuse His design into the creation. At some point He stretches out space (see Psalm 104:2, Isaiah 42:5) into the vast heavens we gaze into today. Even with our most powerful telescopes we can’t see the end of His great creation.

Each day of Creation week, God adds another aspect to creation, getting closer and closer to His masterpiece, the ones who would bear His image. God is excited, yet He builds carefully and thoughtfully, crafting each aspect of creation to work well and to show His brilliant ingenuity. Now thousands of years later, creation, though scarred by the effects Adam’s rebellion, still keeps working. God, knowing in advance that things would go on a rough course, future-proofed creation so that animals, plants and people would still continue to live and grow. There is so much in living systems that had been uncovered by diligent people over the years that shows the wonders of the Master Designer. I know this isn’t on the topic of whether God exists, but if DNA was the only evidence, it would compel me to believe in the transcendent Creator.

Each day started with darkness, then ended with sunshine hours (this is still the way orthodox Jews consider their days), meaning the first dawn happened as God spoke the words, “Light be!” It is interesting to note that God created the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day. Knowing the world was created through the Son, and knowing Jesus called Himself the “Light of the World” we can see a picture of God the Son descending out of the heavenly, eternity of God, into the world, physically glowing with what He created as “light.” He shone so brightly that He lit up the world! Then each day, He would ascend up into the heavenlies and rest with the Father.

Something to realise is how God demonstrated His character in the things He created. Of course we can see Him in metaphysical quantities like love, peace, laughter and kindness, and maybe we can see Him in the darker human emotions-weeping, fury, gloom, though these things are only in relation to things that correctly deserve that response-they are not the core of His nature. Some deeper thought and closely reading the Bible will reveal things like light, food and water, the sun and stars, etc, as real and tangible as they are, all are metaphors and similes of something substantial in God that lasts forever in the timelessness of God. Take food for example. God always sustains Himself in life and vitality. If we engage in relationship with Him, He will sustain us eternally. So God is food (Jesus even said this about Himself), and God displayed Himself in creation by making food for us to eat. We could go on; Light shows the knowledge of God, how he perceives everything as it really is-nothing escapes His gaze. If this seems a bit different to you, realise we are looking from our perspective, and we are used to natural things being the norm. However, natural things are very recent. God has been and is and will be the norm for all eternity, world without end. When God started creating, He used the things He created to speak about the only things that existed up until that point. That is, of course, God, in His three Persons, with all His heavenly qualities.

I think it’s good to ponder on these things, and have in mind that God truly is the most substantial thing that exists. Everything else, no matter how real, only has the true purpose of its existence in pointing to its Creator. Any meaning found in things on earth can only exist because He endowed things with meaning. Everything therefore can only find its fullest meaning in relationship to God.

I would also like to emphasise God’s grand nature. That by His own nature He is exceedingly good (he is beyond which no greater can be conceived). He is so good that by nature He is worthy of worship. He is pristine perfection, so full in His God-hood. It would not be a wrong thing for Him to create beings that continually tell Him how good He is. In His goodness He is supremely generous. He is not selfish in any way. Even when He does something for Himself, such as creating a world in which to have a family, others get blessed. Even in worshiping, the being that worships Him is supremely blessed and overjoyed in the process, seeing GOD. I’m not saying that all we will do in the ever after is “worship,” but rather everything that we do will be a form of worship-even our enjoyment of each other

God altruism leads to an understanding of how to do good to God. We can’t really do good to God directly, well except for words of love and thanks, and thinking about Him, maybe there are some other things, but we can’t do anything to Him. But we can do good to others, and to ourselves. When we do good to others and to ourselves God sees and because of His generous, non-selfish nature is overjoyed because of our improvement, or the improvement of others. Many people would have a closer love relationship with God if they knew this. I have met a lot of people who don’t think they can expect much from God. The feel almost like they are impinging on Him by asking, or by receiving  grace. If they realised the way God is, they would always be pleased to receive from God, because in receiving from Him, we are actually giving to Him.

So….. the light shone into the darkness and brought light to the world. In our present time He is still shining, bringing light into people’s heart as they experience their dawn of God.



Your thoughts?

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