Saturday was such a nice day.

We had great weather-sunny but not too hot.

My race went really well. This is the St Clair Vineyard Half Marathon held in Blenheim, New Zealand. The course is almost entirely run on grass, as it winds through several vineyards, which all look beautiful in their early autumn hues. Because the course is grass, and not the asphalt that I’m used to training on, I knew I wouldn’t expect a really fast time, but I was pleased with an 1:28:17, and 10th place out of almost 1100 runners.

The event had a really laid back atmosphere and no prizegiving. The total number of entrants was about 4000 with most opting to walk or walk/run.

I really enjoyed the unique experience of running through vineyards in the autumn, and I’m so glad I did this run. Time will tell if I’m back for another round next year.

Next on the running calendar is the Christchurch Half Marathon, after which I may scale the running back a bit until after the winter.

Anyway, more writing on other subjects to be done.

Hope you are all well



Your thoughts?

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