Big Picture: In Love

“…In love He predestined us….”             Ephesians 1:4c-5a, ESV

“In bringing many sons and daughters to glory…”    Hebrews 2:10 NIV

I so want to rush a head and write a lot of things, but I feel the need to linger in eternity past for at least this chapter. It’s important to realise that everything we experience on this planet, and our whole universe very recent, very small, and very temporary compared to God. I think it’s really good to dwell in the knowledge that God existed forever before creating the world. Everything we know has its existence dependent on something, but God exists without having a cause. God exists from His own power to exist, and will always do so.

So. No stars or galaxies, or moons or planets or people. Just God, to start with. There was nothing external to motivate God to create, because it this stage He is all. So why did God create?

In understanding the saga of the universe as found in the pages of the Holy Scriptures, one thing is ultimately necessary, that is, how the Father feels about the Son. He is absolutely, out-of-control in love with the Son. And the Son feels the same way about the Father. Like I wrote in the previous chapter, God in love with God in the most hilarious, meaningful, intimate love relationship possible.

But what if there could be more sons-more children of God? What if the family of God could be greater than God alone? What if God could create others, and bring them into this eternal love and life?

The Son would be the model for the members of the family. He would take on the physical form of the persons that would be created. Time and space would be created to allow them to interact with each other and with God

As persons, the new beings would be spiritual, having eternity on the inside, and the ability to merge with God, just as the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are merged. And they would have physical bodies giving the ability to interact with the world that would be created.

I’ll get into this more in the next chapter, but the thought to ponder here is: God being totally good, only had good reasons for creating. The second thought is that God intended to create beings compatible, and in some way comparable with Him. We really are God’s image drawn in clay.



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