Big Picture: Eternity Past

“In the beginning was the Word [Logos, Divine Wisdom], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”    -The Apostle John

“I have been established from everlasting, from the beginning, before there ever was an earth. When there were no depths, I was brought forth.”  -Solomon, speaking of ‘Wisdom’

“From everlasting to everlasting, You are God.”  -Moses

God is eternal. He is not subject to the laws that govern physical matter. He is is the one who set those laws in place, and who created all the matter and energy in the universe. He is in the one in Whom all life, existence, and reality consist. But we’re not there yet. This is before…

Before the physical universe; Before time. God is all; infinities of infinities of God is all that exists. A real living being with no physical parts-The living Being. There is no dimension of any kind, and yet there is infinities of God. God who is love; is righteous; is beauty and perfection; is power; is light; is life; Who is supremely good. A Person Who is infinite. The Father.

Now there is no dimension, but imagine if you will that we could take a teaspoon full of God. That teaspoon would have within itself eternities and eternities of love, life, power and joy to completely flood our current universe and not be able to be contained. There would be so much raw power in that teaspoon that if unrestrained, it would destroy our entire universe in an instant. And God is an endless ocean of all these good qualities.

And God has imagination. God has desires and plans. God has wishes and hopes and dreams. He is filled with music and mysteries untold. God is hilarious. God laughs; God sings. And even though He is light, He has what we would call a dark side

And God has a Son. Just one. The Son is like God in every respect, birthed in God, made from God, a teaspoonful of God if you will. Why a Son? Because God is love, and love must be expressed to another. God wants a family, persons of the same kind as Himself, with which to express His God-ness and love in an unending tale of beauty, love, and joy.

There is a bond of unbreakable love between and within the Father and the Son. Like the Father and the Son, this Bond is a Person-a great Person. Holy Spirit forever is love in the Father, and in the Son. The are always with each other, they move in perfect unison. With complete agreement, total alignment in every way, the Three are One.

When they create, the Son will express the specificity of the Father-the singularity of God; that He is One. He will choose to be limited with respect to the world they will create. The Spirit will express the all-encompassing nature of the Father; that He is all and over all.

But we’re not there yet, we’re still in eternity.

God wants to have a family. 

Now quite obviously the members of His family cannot be God. God is Himself, eternal; uncaused; uncreated. In this eternity there can be no change, even though there is love, happiness, reality and life thriving in it. In HIM. 

So somewhere within the Son, somewhere within the specificity of God, time and space will be created. God will draw a veil over Himself so the beings He creates will have a choice in the matter of being family. There is a big reason for this, but we’ll get into that in a later post. 

In looking forward from “Eternity Past” (not that there was eternal time before, we just don’t have a word for an eternity of eternities beyond the beginning), the grand scheme of history will unfold. There will always be time for the beings God creates to live in ages and ages of time forever. And there will always be space for them to exist in. There will always be an interaction between time and eternity (or rather, eternity and time) as the eternal qualities of God are revealed in a created, limited world. Limited in having a beginning, and in having dimension, but not limited in length of existence. Yes, the first created world will be limited in time of existence, but, well… we haven’t got there yet.



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