Big Picture: Prelude

For ages I have wanted to see the big picture of what God intended in creating the world. I’ve always (for as long as I’ve been thinking about God) had questions about how everything fits together, and why God took the risks he did in allowing beings other than Himself to exist. Of course, some of these things are plain in the Bible, and others require a bit more thought and inspiration to see God’s design in what can seem to be just an awful mess. Because life on earth can seem to be just an awful mess. 

About a year or so ago, I let go of trying to figure how it all works. I need to trust God before I will ever understand Him. This was a great decision. I also let go of trying to justify my beliefs to those most highly skeptical, giving myself the freedom to belief what I actually believe, even if I don’t have 100% proof. No one has 100% proof about much in life, but we can still determine truth if we have a mind that is open to evidence. Letting go of this was a great weight of my shoulders, allowing me to put effort into my relationship with God. I found that by trying to justify my beliefs, I was almost ceasing to believe them, which isn’t the greatest place to be, seeing belief in God is the absolute most joyous way to live.

A few months back, I started taking notes on my thoughts about the “big picture.” I called it my world map of theology. Whenever I had a thought about predestination or free will or whatever, or whenever a pertinent Scripture stuck out to me, I would write it down under the folder “World Map” in my note-taking app. I’ve been doing this fairly aimlessly, but most recently, in response to some really cool God times, fresh insight has been coming thick and fast, and questions that have bugged me for years are being answered. As fresh light has shone, I have seen deeper in to the cross, creation, the fall of man, and the eternal purpose of God for His creation. So many things make sense in the light of what I have seen about God that I have to write it down. In order.

It all starts with eternity past…..

Your thoughts?

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