…that are a type of growth. I think there be a long period of time in anyone’s spiritual journey with God that we aren’t seeing the big picture, but going from insight to insight, inspired moment to inspired moment, learning lessons and collecting truths. Sometimes I have almost wondered where God is in my life, or more directly, where am I in His scheme of things? I am even in the ballpark of spiritual growth? I gave up a very promising career path when God first called me, then a decade or so later, what have I even accomplished?

Then God comes crashing on the scene-admittedly in response to some tiny tweaks of dedication, cutting off a few activities that had my heart too much. But God comes crashing on the scene, waking me up to the reality that all my young idealism was not even a scratch on what He will do with me as I fully surrender, and start to accept things from Him, not just give things up for Him. I find the glories of the New Covenant opening up to me, and the realisation that so much that I thought was difficult or impossible is so easy. 

Like laying hands on sick or injured people and seeing them instantly recover. I didn’t even feel like I had faith, and yet God did something amazing in response to a simple act of obedience. He honours His word, even if we don’t all the time.

And giving away all my worries and fears surrounding finances. I have a mortgage, but now I get stirred up to serve God with my whole life. How is this going to work? Basically, give all my mistrust and obsessing and greed away, and let Him bless me the way He sees fit. At the moment, that is by continuing with my business, while I learn more. But the moment He says “Sell it all and go on the road,” or, “Give it all away.” I’ll be there in a flash, because God’s way is always best, even I don’t always see how at first glance.

So this is my offering of thoughts and lessons learned in the midst of a busy life. I hope that everyone who comes to this site can find something that is helpful, something that draws them closer to Jesus, something that widens their horizons. Ultimately that something is really Someone-the Person of the Holy Spirit-but I believe He lives in Me, and will shine His light through me on these pages.

Much love,


Your thoughts?

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